Artisan Markets

Sweet and savory produce made by local small businesses and artisan traders



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The North has an abundance of award-winning entrepreneurs of consumables; from jams, to cheeses, to pie’s and desserts.
Alongside this, the north holds some of the most creative artists and craftspeople. We’re here to celebrate that.

Our Artisan Market line up is underpinned by our philosophy to provide quality and variety to our guests.

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2023 Artisan Market Traders include:

Sweet Goods:

including a range of Gluten-Free, Vegan and Vegetarian produce

Candyfloss York
Nargis Bakes
Sweet tooth Bakery
Willow’s Bakes
Wildcraft Gluten Free Bakery
The Rustic Baking Company Ltd
Cocoa Drop
Fairfax Distillery & Chocolatiers
Panjeeri Box
Yee Kwan Ltd
Chocoholics Anonymous
Sweet Sisters Cakery & Fudge Fudge Wink Wink
Brown and Blond Events
A Slice of Home Ltd
The Brownie & Bruffle Co.
Sweet Sisters Cakery & Fudge Fudge Wink Wink
The Finest Fudge Co
Hipster Candy UK
Pick Mix Gift

Savoury, Sauces and Spices

Cassie’s Kitchen
Willow’s Bakes
Wildcraft Gluten Free Bakery
Gourmet Jay
Continental Cottage Ltd
My Family Garden
Wiga Wagaa
The Cheesy Living Co.
The Great British Cheese Company
British Food Box T/A ORSOM Handmade Cheese
Jones Pies

Drinks and Spirits

Hebden Bridge Gin
Forged Spirits
Northern Fox Yorkshire Gin
Boston Spa Gin
Prestwich Craft Gin
Lucelas Chocolate Rum
Bytchmix cocktails
Northern Shakers
Alcohol Free Drinks
Ms Tita Coffee
Flavour Art Coffee
Bronte Drinks Limited
Gangplank Spirits and Preserves
Nidhoggr Mead
O’Donnell Moonshine

Handmade, Crafts and Gifts

Two Little Mice
Felted Yarns
Wax this way
Valley Wool
The Retuned Wood Co
Love Zazen Boutique
Pure Pet Food
Concrete & Cacti
Laser Handcrafts
The Yorkshire Beeswax Candle Company
Hd Abstract Art
Rock and Rose
Bumble Wrap
lavishPaw ltd
Forme Prints
Pacific Ridley
Therapy and Scent
Philip Scott Art
The Knife Sharpener Guy
minifigure mania
Wash the Piglet
Clean & Natural Ltd
Catania Couture
Lincoln Lightfoot Art


Nysh Henna Designs
Donnas Face Painting

Company Reps

The Coniston Hotel Country Estate & Spa


MIND in Bradford
Yorkshire Wildlife Trust
Leeds Hospitals Charity